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Operation of circulating water pump after shutdown of induction smelting furnace

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How long can the induction melting furnace stop water after it is shut down? First of all, it depends on the size of the furnace. The smaller the furnace, the shorter the cooling time required. One principle is to pay attention to the observation after the shutdown, so as to reduce the temperature of the inner wall of the furnace to below 60 ℃. This time is the time you need to stop drinking water. Of course, this time is also related to the season. The time in summer may be a little longer than that in winter.

For the cooling of the induction furnace, a high level water tank with sufficient capacity shall be built (the size of the water tank shall be determined according to the model and size of the furnace). After the furnace is started each time, the cooling water pump shall be turned off, and the water in the high level cooling water tank shall be used to supply water with less pressure to the hot furnace. After a certain period of time, the hot furnace body is cooled down, and the water in the water tank is sufficient. Fill the high-level water tank with water before each furnace opening. The high-level water tank is used as the emergency standby water source.

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