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How to prolong the lining life of induction smelting furnace

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In the initial and future use of the induction furnace, the furnace lining and sintering of the induction furnace body are required. The induction furnace lining is divided into acid and alkali induction furnace lining according to different raw materials and smelting needs. The acid induction furnace lining is to make a protective layer along the induction furnace wall with quartz sand and other materials, and the insulating material protects the induction coil. One time molding. After baking the lining at high temperature for a period of time, it is sintered into a solid whole, and it is fully cured after continuous baking for more than 36 hours. The knotting quality of induction furnace lining is an important premise to ensure safety.

After the induction furnace lining is knotted, correct operation is the key to prolong service life and ensure safety. When operating the induction furnace, first check whether the water flow of the water cooling system is smooth, whether the water pressure and temperature of the cooling water are normal, whether there is water leakage, and whether the hydraulic system can work normally. During the operation, be careful not to touch or touch randomly. One person operates and one person monitors. It is strictly prohibited for miscellaneous personnel to enter the machine room to prevent electric shock. Dry molten materials shall be used in the smelting process, and the materials shall be placed gently and fed frequently. When the molten materials in the induction furnace reach the melting temperature, they shall be poured out in time to avoid increasing the lining loss at high temperature; Frequently observe that when the outer side of the induction furnace is found to be red, which is the precursor of furnace leakage, measures such as shutting down the power supply and pouring out the molten material in the furnace should be taken in time to avoid the occurrence of furnace leakage accident. It should also be noted that when the induction furnace lining becomes too thin to continue to use, the old furnace lining should be smashed and the new furnace lining should be rebuilt to prevent furnace leakage.

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