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Precautions for use of induction melting furnace

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The service life of induction furnace liner is directly related to the installation and operation of the furnace master. As long as it is installed in place and operated according to the regulations, the satisfactory effect of furnace liner can be achieved. Please pay attention to the following items:

1. baking and sintering specification

The baking and sintering processes are divided into three stages

a. The crucible mould was heated to 600 ℃ and kept for 4H at the speed of 25% and 50% /h respectively in the baking stage, so as to completely remove the moisture in the lining.

b. During the semi sintering stage, the temperature rises to 900 ℃ at 50 ℃ /h, and the temperature is kept for 3h, and then to 1200% at 100 ℃% /h. The heating speed must be controlled to prevent cracks.

C. The sintering structure of the crucible is the basis for improving its service life when sintering at high temperature in the complete sintering stage. The sintering temperature is different, the thickness of the sintering layer is insufficient, and the service life will be reduced obviously. A certain amount of iron is added to the baking process to enhance the heating effect of induction ring. With the continuous baking and sintering, the ferrofluid is stirred by electromagnetic force with low power transmission, so that the furnace lining is heated evenly. In addition, the temperature of three phase change zones of quartz sand is strictly controlled, which promotes the full phase transformation of quartz sand and improves the first sintering strength of furnace lining.

2. after the furnace liner is installed, clean up the sundries in the furnace. When the new furnace liner is opened, the material must be placed gently. Large iron blocks shall not be thrown into the furnace liner to avoid damaging the furnace liner. When the first furnace is opened after the installation of the new furnace, the intermediate frequency power shall not be pulled too fast, which is conducive to the combination of the furnace liner and the fixed filler

3. pay close attention to the change of furnace liner during the use, and handle it in time if any

4. after the furnace liner is used for a certain number of times, the wall of furnace liner becomes thinner. When the wall thickness of furnace liner is about to be less than 1 cm, it shall be stopped and replaced with a new one


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