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Three mistakes in choosing induction furnace

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Three mistakes in choosing induction furnace

Error 1: only look at the output, not the input

Ignoring the induction furnace equipment efficiency and power consumption factors, only after buying back the equipment did we find that it was the electric tiger, which caused the embarrassing situation that we could afford to buy and could not afford to use. For example, the same 80 units, but one is the input power of 80KVA, the other is the output power of 80kW, but the working efficiency of the equipment is very different, although it can also complete the heating requirements, but the large power consumption makes the users complain endlessly. The output power of 80kW equipment is up to 120kVA.

Error 2: only look at the type, not the power

For example, the single-phase input current of induction furnace equipment is 120a ~ I, and the input power is 120kVA, which is collectively referred to as 120 units. As a result, it is found that the real power is only 80KVA after buying it back. It is obvious that it has taken advantage, but in fact it has suffered a loss secretly.

Error 3: only power, not frequency

If the diameter of the heated workpiece is greater than 30mm, the intermediate frequency equipment should be selected when the standard parts and fasteners are heat permeable. If the high frequency machine is still used at this time, it will cause the workpiece to burn out and the inner black core (commonly known as burn through), which not only greatly reduces the efficiency of the equipment, but also reduces the service life of the die, even causes damage to the die. Virtually, the cost increases, but the reason is unknown.

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