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Selection of crucible mould for induction furnace

Time:2021-03-27   Nums:3676

The crucible of induction furnace is an important part, so this part should be able to withstand high temperature, insulate and insulate, and conduct energy transfer at the same time. And the crucible mold must have good anti erosion and anti compression ability.

At the same time, the equipment in induction melting furnace should have electrical characteristics and will not reduce the stirring capacity due to the influence of magnetic field. The size and depth of these moulds are determined by the thickness of the furnace wall and bottom. If the mold selected is too large, the furnace wall will become thinner due to this reason. In this way, the static pressure of the medium frequency furnace will increase with the increase of the crucible capacity, and the erosion force on the crucible wall will affect the service life of the furnace, but this can promote the power number.

If the mold is too small, the furnace wall will become thicker, the static pressure will decrease due to the reduction of the crucible capacity, and the erosion force that the crucible wall can bear will become smaller, which can enhance the service life of the induction furnace. However, in this way, the resistance will become larger, the power factor will be reduced, and the consumption cost will become larger. Therefore, we must select the right mold.

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