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Advantages of induction furnace

Time:2021-02-11   Nums:1667

1. The heating speed of induction furnace is fast and the oxidation decarbonization is less

Because the principle of heating is electromagnetic induction, the heat is generated in the workpiece itself. Because of the fast heating speed of this heating method, there is little oxidation, high heating efficiency and good process repeatability.

2. The induction diathermy furnace has a high degree of automation and can realize full-automatic operation

The automatic feeding and discharging sorting devices are selected, and the special control software is used to realize the full-automatic operation.

3. The induction furnace has uniform heating and high temperature control precision

It is easy to achieve the requirements of uniform heating and small temperature difference between core and meter. The application of temperature control system can realize the accurate control of temperature.

4. Simple replacement of induction furnace body of induction diathermy furnace

According to the size of the workpiece, different specifications of the induction furnace body are configured. Each furnace body is designed with water and electricity quick change joint, which makes the furnace body replacement simple, fast and convenient.

5. Low energy consumption and no pollution of induction furnace

Compared with other heating methods, induction heating furnace has the advantages of high heating efficiency, low energy consumption and no pollution. Under the condition of diathermy, the power consumption per ton heated from room temperature to 1250 ℃ is less than 380 ℃.

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