non-inductive capacitors

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The principle of non-inductive capacitors: the winding process of capacitors is a non-inductive winding structure (in contrast, there is an inductive winding structure). In fact, non-inductive capacitors do not have no inductance, but have very small inductance. We emphasize non-inductive capacitors. In fact, the inductance should be small. From this point of view, almost all metallized film capacitors are non-inductive capacitors.

However, in general, non-inductive capacitors mainly refer to surge absorbing capacitors for IBGT protection, which are non-inductive structures. If they are used to prevent power grid surges, of course, but it is too wasteful.

The characteristic of non-inductive capacitors is that the du/dt value is relatively large. That is, the pulse current capability is very strong.

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