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Advantages of induction furnace

Time:2024-07-16   Nums:2394

The heating speed of induction furnace is very fast, the production efficiency is very high, the amount of oxidation and decarburization is very small, the material and cost are relatively low, and the service life of the mold is quite long. These characteristics are due to the application of electromagnetic induction principle in the heating of medium frequency induction furnace. Its heat is generated in the workpiece itself. Ordinary employees use induction furnace to work. After ten minutes, they can continuously carry out forging tasks. Professional employees do not need to burn and seal the furnace in advance.

Because the heating speed of this heating form is very fast, the amount of oxidation is very small. The oxidation burning loss rate of the induction heating calcining device is less than 1%, while the oxidation burning loss rate of the ordinary gas furnace heating will reach 2%, and the coal-fired furnace can even reach 3%. Induction heating also saves a lot of materials. Each ton of calcining device can save at least 20 to 50 kg of steel raw materials compared with the coal burning furnace. Its material utilization rate can be as high as 95%.

As induction heating adopts uniform heating, the temperature difference on the surface of the pellet is very small, so the service life of the forging die is greatly extended in forging, and the surface roughness of the calcined device is also below 50 microns; In terms of process energy saving, induction heating will have an energy saving efficiency of 31.5% to 54.3% compared with heavy oil heating, and will also have an energy saving effect of 5% to 40% compared with gas heating. The heating quality is also good, which can reduce the scrap rate by 1.5%, increase the productivity to 10% to 40%, and extend the service life of the mold by 10% to 15%.

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