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Causes of High Temperature of Magnetic Yoke in Induction Smelting Furnace

Time:2024-06-14   Nums:2341

Reddening of magnetic yoke of induction smelting furnace is a common fault phenomenon. If there is no problem with the circulation of cooling water, it can usually be solved from the following aspects:

1. The yoke is aged and the interturn coating is severely corroded. Solution: open the silicon steel sheet for surface coating treatment.

2. The magnetic yoke is stuck with molten steel (iron filings). Solution: Grind the magnetic yoke and clear the iron filings.

3. After the above treatment, if the fault still exists, try to adjust the overheating yoke to a position close to the furnace mouth for installation.

4. Check the furnace bottom thickness. If the induction furnace bottom is too thick, the magnetic yoke will become hot and red.

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