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Causes of SCR Damage in Induction Furnace

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1. Poor power supply stability

The working principle of the medium frequency induction furnace is to conduct current to the workpiece through electromagnetic induction. The power supply required for electromagnetic induction needs to have a certain degree of stability. If the power supply is unstable, the thyristor will be subject to excessive current or voltage, which may cause damage.

2. Insufficient cooling water flow

Thyristor is one of the core components in the induction furnace, therefore, its operating temperature must be controlled within a certain range. Cooling water is the key to thyristor heat dissipation. If there is not enough cooling water, the thyristor will be affected by excessive temperatures and be damaged.

3. Operation misunderstandings

In actual operation, many operators are not familiar enough with the operation of medium frequency induction furnaces, and their grasp is not precise enough, and they often have misunderstandings. For example, if you do not strictly follow the prescribed operating procedures when replacing thyristors, or there is negligence during the replacement process, the thyristors may be damaged.

For the reasons why the thyristors of medium frequency induction furnaces are frequently damaged, we can take the following measures to prevent and solve them:

1. Improve power supply stability: For medium frequency induction furnaces, power supply is one of the key factors that determine work quality. Therefore, when purchasing a power supply, make sure that the quality and stability of the power supply meet the standard requirements. In addition, in daily use, avoid using the same power supply to power multiple devices to avoid damage caused by power overload.

2. Strengthen cooling water management: When using a medium frequency induction furnace, ensure sufficient cooling water flow and replace it regularly after use. In addition, during use, the flow and temperature of the cooling water should always be paid attention to to ensure that the thyristor operates within the specified temperature range.

3. Standardize operating procedures: When replacing thyristors, be sure to follow the prescribed operating procedures. In addition, we should try to avoid misunderstandings during equipment operation and conduct comprehensive and careful planning and control of equipment operation.

To sum up, the reasons for frequent damage of thyristors of medium frequency induction furnaces may originate from many aspects. Therefore, during the use of the equipment, we must pay attention to the emergence of various details and problems and prevent and solve them in order to improve the efficiency of the medium frequency induction furnace. service life and performance.

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