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Application introduction of induction furnace

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Induction furnace can quickly heat or melt any metal. Usually, people heat objects: first, heat is generated by the combustion of coal, oil, gas and other energy; Second, use electric appliances such as electric furnaces to convert electric energy into heat. Only by means of heat transfer (heat conduction, heat convection and heat radiation) can these heat be transferred to the object to be heated and the purpose of heating the object can be achieved. Due to these heating methods, the heated object heats up by absorbing external heat. Therefore, they all belong to indirect heating.

We know that the natural transfer law of heat is that heat can only be naturally transferred from high-temperature area to low-temperature area, high-temperature body to low-temperature body, and high-temperature part to low-temperature part. Therefore, only when the external heat and temperature are significantly more than and higher than the heated object can it be heated effectively. This requires a lot of energy to establish a high temperature zone with more heat and higher temperature than the heated object. Such as furnace, oven, etc.

In this way, only a small part of these heat can be transferred to the heated body, resulting in a great waste of energy. Moreover, the heating time is long, and a large number of harmful substances and gases will be produced in the process of combustion and heating. They will not only cause corrosive damage to the heated body, but also pollute the atmosphere. Even using electric energy heating methods such as electric furnace, although there is no pollution, there are still some disadvantages, such as low efficiency, high cost, slow heating speed and so on.

With the progress and development of science, we can use an efficient, fast, energy-saving and environmental friendly way to heat both metal objects and non-metal objects today: This is the direct heating method.

For non-metallic objects, microwave heating with working frequency of about 2MHz and above can be used, which can make the internal molecules and atoms vibrate and rub hundreds of millions of times per second.

For metal objects, medium frequency and high frequency induction furnaces with operating frequencies ranging from thousands of Hertz (kHz) to hundreds of kHz or more can be used. Low frequency induction heating can also be used, such as power frequency 50Hz, etc.

Medium frequency and high-frequency induction heating is to convert power frequency (50Hz) AC into AC with a frequency of 1kHz to hundreds of kHz or even higher. It uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert it into a magnetic field with the same frequency through an inductive coil and act on the metal body in the magnetic field. Using the eddy current effect, an induced rotating current (i.e. eddy current) proportional to the magnetic field intensity is generated in metal objects. The rotating current converts it into heat energy with the help of the resistance in the metal object. At the same time, there are hysteresis effect, skin effect and edge effect, which can also generate a small amount of heat. Together, they make the temperature of metal objects rise rapidly and realize the purpose of rapid heating.

The skin effect of high frequency current can make the eddy current in metal objects concentrate on the metal surface circulation with the increase of frequency. In this way, the heating depth of metal objects can be controlled by controlling the frequency of working current. It can not only improve the processing technology, but also make full use of energy. When they are used for diathermy such as red stamping, hot forging and overall annealing of workpieces, they need a large heating depth, and the working frequency can be reduced; When used for surface quenching and other heat treatment, they need a small heating depth, and then the working frequency can be increased. On the other hand, for small workpieces or pipes and plates, high-frequency heating mode is selected; For the workpiece with large volume, the medium frequency heating mode is selected.

Because the induction heating time is short, the speed is fast, and it is still non-contact heating (the heated object does not need to contact the induction coil). Therefore, the oxidation is lighter than other heating methods, and it is easy to carry out gas protection when necessary.

Induction heating has the advantages of low energy consumption, low power consumption, fast heating speed, no pollution, no noise, no preheating, not easy to oxidize, easy gas protection, automatic control, multiple intelligent protection, safety, reliability, easy operation, uninterrupted continuous work, etc. More and more users have switched from coal heating, diesel heating, liquefied gas heating, electric furnace and electric oven heating to high and medium frequency induction heating! Whether state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, private enterprises or foreign enterprises, high and medium frequency induction furnaces are increasingly used in metal heat treatment, metal hot processing, metal welding, metal smelting and refining. Therefore, the market is very broad!

Main uses of medium and high frequency induction heating equipment:

1、 Heat treatment

For example: shafts, gears, quenching and annealing of stainless steel products.

2、 Workpiece diathermy

For example: hot upsetting and hot rolling of fasteners, standard parts, auto parts, hardware tools, rigging, twist drill, etc.

3、 Smelting

For example: gold, silver, copper, aluminum, lead and other precious metals.

4、 Thermal fit

For example: motor, solenoid valve, shaft sleeve, etc.

5、 Welding

For example, cutting welding of the same or different metal materials.

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