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Main differences between induction furnace and arc furnace

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The induction furnace is suitable for small-scale steelmaking enterprises, but it has no more than 3 tons of impurities The steel produced is relatively pure.

Secondly, the cost of electric arc furnace is very expensive, but the product quality is good. The power consumption of power frequency furnace is the most expensive. The 800-900 degree / ton of medium frequency furnace is below 2000kW, and the 600-700 degree / ton of large furnace. These are just normal conditions. In addition, human factors (operation proficiency, equipment maintenance level), equipment aging, various compensation, harmonic control and other factors will affect the power consumption.

Compared with electric arc furnace, induction furnace has high thermal efficiency, so as to achieve high production efficiency, flexible operation and low energy consumption. Electric arc furnace uses power frequency electricity, while medium frequency furnace uses medium frequency electricity.

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