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Induction coil fault of induction melting furnace

Time:2021-03-29   Nums:3662

Induction coil fault of induction smelting furnace: the induction coil is the load of medium frequency power supply. It is made of square copper tube with wall thickness of 3 to 5mm. Its common faults are as follows:

The induction coil leaks water, which may cause coil turn to turn ignition, so it must be repaired and welded in time.

If molten steel sticks to the induction coil, the slag will be hot and red, which will cause the copper tube to burn through, so it must be removed in time.

Induction coil turn to turn short circuit, this kind of fault is particularly easy to occur in small medium frequency induction furnace, because the furnace is small and deformed under the action of thermal stress during operation, resulting in turn to turn short circuit. The fault is characterized by large current and higher working frequency than usual.

To sum up, in order to adopt the correct method for the fault maintenance of induction furnace, we must be familiar with the characteristics and causes of common faults of induction furnace, so as to avoid detours, save time, eliminate the fault as soon as possible, and restore the normal operation of induction furnace, so as to ensure the smooth production.

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