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Function of water cooling cable in induction melting furnace

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The function of the water-cooled cable is to connect the control cabinet and the induction coil. It is twisted by 0.6 - 0.8 copper wire with each diameter. The cable cross-sectional area is 480 square mm for 500 kg induction furnace and 300 to 400 square mm for 250 kg furnace. The outer rubber tube of the water-cooled cable is a 5kg pressure rubber tube with cooling water inside. It is a part of the load circuit. When it works, it is pulled and twisted and tilts with the furnace body, so it is easy to break at the flexible connection after a long time.

During the fracture process of water-cooled cable, most of the water-cooled cable is broken first, and then a small part of the water-cooled cable is burned out quickly in high-power operation. At this time, the medium frequency power supply will produce a high overvoltage. If the overvoltage protection is not reliable, the thyristor will be burned out. After the water cooling cable is disconnected, the intermediate frequency power supply cannot start to work. If it is not checked out and started repeatedly, it is likely to burn out the medium frequency voltage transformer. When checking the fault, the oscilloscope can be used to clamp the probe of the oscilloscope at both ends of the load to observe whether there is attenuation waveform when pressing the start button.

When the cable core is broken, first disconnect the water-cooled cable from the output copper bar of the electric heating capacitor, and measure the resistance value of the cable with the multimeter resistance block (block 200). The resistance value is zero in normal condition and infinite in disconnection condition. When measuring with a multimeter, the furnace body should be turned over to the dumping position to make the water-cooled cable fall off, so that the broken part can be completely separated, so as to correctly judge whether the core is broken.

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