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What is one drive two induction furnace

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In recent years, the phrase "one drive two induction furnace" has been widely used

The first "one for two" means that one control cabinet can control two furnaces, and the two furnaces can work at the same time. The sum of the maximum power of the two furnaces is generally about 1.2 times of the maximum power of a single furnace, that is, when one furnace is turned on to the maximum power, the other furnace can only turn on less than 20% of the power, so as to ensure that the power transformer does not work beyond the rated power. This is an accurate one drag two argument. There are many other one drag two arguments in recent years. I don't know how they come from;

The second understanding of "one dragging two" is that a set of equipment includes a control cabinet and two furnace bodies, and one furnace body works while the other is in standby;

The third understanding of "one pulling two" is that one control cabinet can control two furnace bodies, two furnace bodies can work at the same time, and both furnace bodies can operate at full power (the physical object and price are basically equivalent to two control cabinets controlling two furnace bodies respectively).

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