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Why choose to buy one drive two induction melting furnace?

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From the price point of view, the total price of a set of one drive two induction melting furnace is higher than that of two sets of one drive one induction melting furnace. Why not choose two sets of one drive one instead of one drive two?

The most important advantage of the device is that it can complete the production of large castings when the power of the power transformer is insufficient.

For example: a set of 1 ton one drive one medium frequency electric furnace needs 600kW power, two sets need 1200kW. If you want to cast 2 tons of molten steel casting for a long time, but only 800KW of electric power and can not be increased, it is suitable for one drive two. One furnace starts to work, melting full of molten steel to reduce power and heat preservation, the other furnace starts to melt with full power, and then the two furnaces cast at the same time, there will be 2 tons of molten steel, and it can ensure that the total power does not exceed 800KW.

The purchase of one drive two equipment is to spend more money to meet the production of large castings in the case of insufficient electricity.

If the self owned power transformer or electric power is large enough, it is recommended to buy two sets of one drive one instead of one set of one drive two. It is more cost-effective in terms of equipment price, production efficiency, cost and practicability. If it is not for casting extra large castings, it is also recommended to buy one drive one induction furnace.

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