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Invest in building a foundry using induction furnace

Time:2021-08-28   Nums:3052

Lost foam induction furnace casting is a new generation of casting technology developed in recent ten years, which is known as the new casting technology in the 21st century. The outstanding advantages are that the casting quality is higher than that of sand casting, low investment cost, high production efficiency, low production pollution, saving production area and equipment, simplified process, no molding, no flash burr, no sand core and no sand mixing. The whole production cost is 1 / 3 to 1 / 4 less than that of sand casting. The technology is widely used in cast iron, cast steel, non-ferrous alloy and other castings with different sizes and specifications, especially in pipe castings, auto parts, railway parts, machine tool parts, motors, etc. it can partially replace the production of dissolved film precision castings.

With the increasingly strict environmental requirements of casting production, green casting has become the mainstream direction of casting production. Lost foam casting using induction melting furnace as the main method of green casting is more and more used at present. At the same time, the casting export has higher and higher requirements for casting quality. EPC is suitable for the improvement of casting quality. At present, the annual output of castings in China reaches 10 million tons, but most of them belong to low-quality castings, and the added value is at a low level, which can not meet the requirements of casting export. At present, the export demand is about millions of tons per year, and EPC is meeting the demand of high-quality casting production.

The production scale of EPC can be large or small according to capital, production site and degree of mechanization. For enterprises with tight funds and low requirements for mechanization, the new production line needs about 500000-1 million yuan. For the existing main smelting equipment and plants, it takes about 200000 yuan to start. For enterprises with abundant funds and high requirements for mechanization, the investment can be between 2 million yuan and 5 million yuan.

The main equipment includes pre delivery machine, molding machine, special sand box, shaking table, vacuum system, boiler and induction melting furnace. With an annual production scale of 1000 tons of castings, it needs to invest 1 million yuan, equipment investment of about 500000 yuan, and annual profit and tax of about 300000 yuan.

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