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Repair of induction furnace lining

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When there are several damages on the lining of induction smelting furnace, it must be repaired to prolong the service life of induction furnace lining and prevent accidents caused by lining damage

The repair parts and methods of furnace lining are as follows:

1. Repair of crack or damage at the joint between outlet refractory and furnace wall

Amorphous refractory can be used to push and repair, and charcoal can be used to dry when the repair range is large;

2. Repair of side wall cracking

Generally, cracks below 1m can continue to be used without repair; Cracks above 1 mm, especially in the horizontal direction, must be repaired. Boric acid and evenly mixed refractory can be used to fill with iron wire and other tools. The filled surface shall be troweled with wet mixed sand of water glass.

3. Repair of side wall damage or small-scale erosion

After removing slag and residual iron, apply water glass. Then pat and repair with mixed refractory added with 5% - 6% water glass, or repair with amorphous refractory. When the erosion range is slightly larger, it shall be put into the mold for repair.

4. Repair of burning or damage at the bottom and inclined part of side wall

The repair of the bottom of the induction furnace can be tamped by adding the same amount of boric acid as the newly built furnace and mixing evenly with the refractory of the induction smelting furnace.

For the repair of the inclined part of the side wall, a mold with an outer diameter 50-60 mm smaller than the furnace diameter and a height about 100 mm higher than the damaged part shall be installed. Tamp with a vibrator. The thickness of each layer is 20-30 mm. Tamp one layer, scratch it, and then tamp another layer until it is 10 mm higher than the mold, and then repair the upper plane to a certain slope.

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